Life of an Esport Athlete


Life of an Esport Athlete Workshop with Jensen Goh

About the Workshop
What was the concept of talent and what allowed people to have the factor to succeed in areas where others did not? Specializing in the field of esports, Jensen spent his time examining top players across various games and think about what made them such a prowess to contend with on the battlefield.

What Jensen found was a pattern of systems and trends that he had observed, tested and developed in his time from a shoutcaster to a professional coach to help players develop and find performance.

This workshop is good for you if you:
If you want to know how you can replicate similar structures in your life to improve your gameplay or even your approach towards excellence in life, this workshop may have some insights for you.

Topics Covered
- From Pro-am to pro
So you think you can tango with the pros? Don't go tearing up that graduation certificate just yet. These are the things you need to do to make the transition and find out if passion can indeed be made possible.

- Maximizing for performance under pressure
Choking, slumping, having a bad day. These are terms we see often used to describe a poor performance. How can we avoid or if not, minimize the impact of these?

- Using systems to help level up
Everyone has big goals and ambitions, but are we setting ourselves up to achieve those goals?

About the trainer
Jensen Goh is a professional League of Legends coach who has experience leading teams in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Europe. He is a big believer of cross industry learning in the field of esports and often brings his insight as an engineering graduate in his approach to designing training and solutions for his teams. He currently works with the Leauge of Legends European Championship team Splyce, and worked with EVOS Esports in their domestic victory and international MSI campaign in 2018 Spring.

Organised by SCOGA and the Esports Academy with OMEN by HP as the title sponsor of Campus Legends, yup.gg and Legion of Racers as the main sponsors. Special thanks to our official partners Professional Solutions Company (PSAP), Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, Garena, and Singapore Sports Hub.

Part of YouthX and Presented by NYC.

Sat Jun 29, 2019
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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4 Stadium Walk Singapore
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